Will You Join Us in a New Social Enterprise

to Create and Adapt Homes to Help People Survive and Thrive

in an Uncertain Future of Economic, Social and Environmental Change?

The aim of this web site is to find the people and resources needed to set up a Social Enterprise to take on the work started by the voluntary organisation Eco-Hamlets UK, to expand its scope, and provide the resources to make a real difference to the lives of as many people as possible.

On this site you will find:

  • A page About the Eco-Hamlets concept and Social Enterprise vision
  • The Proposal to create the Social Enterprise, with links to further reading on this site
  • A Call to Action outlining the people and resources we need to get started, and how you can get involved
  • A series of Articles going into more detail of the Eco-Hamlet concept, what the Social Enterprise will do, and the Ethics and Values we will follow
  • A Contact page

 If you have some of the skills we need, and time and energy available,
please consider joining us.